Wait/pause command

Hi everyone, I’m really enjoying experimenting with VoiceFlow and am part-way through making my first skill! I’ve got stuck though…

I have a skill where the I want the skill to pause while the user does something ‘offline’ i.e. an activity that is completed outside of Alexa for a set timeframe. After this period is complete, I’d like the flow to continue to the next step. I can currently achieve this using the SSML command, however I don’t seem to be able to ‘exit’ out of the using an intent i.e. if the user wants to skip the pause.

Is there an alternative wait command that I’m not seeing? Or does this need to be done using a code block (I’d prefer not to use code if possible!)

Thanks in advance!

Hello, you can just enable the resume option. If you need more customisation, instead of the resume option, you can also use the intent block and within a speak block you put something like: "Take your time to do the action and launch the skill again when you’re ready with “Alexa, tell myskillname I am ready”. You can use this one shot invocation for multiple paths in your skill with the help of a variable that you set just before the skill’s end so when the user goes back, you now where to resume.

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Thanks Nicolas, that’s very helpful :+1:. Is it possible to pause for a fixed amount of time though? I.e the skills pauses for say 10 minutes, and resumes, unless the user interrupts with a resume command?

Sure, you can use a 10s audio file for this for example.

Thanks Nicolas - that’s a great tip, thank you!