Whatsapp integration for capture blocks

I’m following the tutorial on integrating WhatsApp with Voiceflow here and have come across a bug I cannot resolve.

When I have a text block prior to a capture block the text block is not delivered in WhatsApp. However, if I have a button between them it will display the text correctly. This means that if I want to capture a user reply I need to get them to click a button first before inputting the reply.

I’ve tried stacking text blocks together to see if that resolves the issue, but all messages fail to display if a button block is not present.

Any help is much appreciated,

Hi @cookie1986

Are you able to send your .vf/.json export to support@voiceflow.com and reference this post; we’ll investigate!



Voiceflow Customer Support

Thanks for reporting the issue @cookie1986. We’ve pushed a fix for this on the repo, be sure to fetch the latest version.

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Which WhatsApp version you are trying to integrate for this feature?

Some old WhatsApp versions doesn’t support this kind of API integration.

That was the reason I confused when I tried to do similar and mistakenly used this yo whatsapp, which absolutely I don’t need to do.

So basically, it doesn’t integrate with any modified versions?

This sounds like a potential bug or compatibility issue with the specific integration of Voiceflow and YOWhatsApp. I’d suggest reporting this issue directly to the support teams of either Voiceflow or WhatsApp so they can look into it and hopefully provide a fix.

What version of WhatsApp are you attempting to integrate for this feature?
This type of API integration is not supported by all older versions of WhatsApp.
That was the reason I got confused when I tried to do something similar and unintentionally utilized this Yo WhatsApp, which I don’t need to do at all.

Let me ask if I am using Yo Whatsapp Modilimitado, can I use it?