Where I can find the feature "call back to our company"?

Google wrote me in its review: “Your Action enables users to complete a transaction (physical goods or services and / or digital goods or subscription purchases) but doesn’t implement the Transactions API or Digital Purchase API. You must implement the relevant feature(s) to perform transactions and opt-in Transaction in the Actions on Google console. In your case, your action gives uses a possibility to make a callback in order to schedule a visit. Making a callback is treated as a reservation and must be implemented together with Transactions API.”.
If I buy pro plan, I would be to build callback feature on VoiceFlow without coding and fill in lines in Node JS in - instruction like it: “If you’re using the Node.JS client library to build your Action’s fulfillment, open your fulfillment code and update your app delcaration to set the ordersv3 flag to true . The following code snippet shows an example app declaration for Orders version 3.”?

I’m not sure about your project, but

  • Are you going to sell somthing in your project? As I know, Voiceflow does not support in-skill purchases for google, only for Alexa, Currently.
  • Even if you upgrade your plan, you can’t.