Which languages are supported in VoiceFlow?

I am building a conversational agent on VF and loving it! The product is powerful and designed very well.

In my project settings, the “Language” dropdown only contains English. However, I read that VF supports 19 different languages (The ultimate guide to #VFV2: what's new with Voiceflow? | Voiceflow). Which languages are supported and why can’t I see them in the settings dropdown? JFYI I’m on a free account.

Hi @neilp !

Once you select the type of project you want to create (i.e. chat, Google, Alexa, etc.) the list of languages will extend to all compatible languages for that project:

  • Catherine
    Voiceflow Customer Success

Thank you! How do I choose the channel of the project, once created? This is my account’s first project and I’m not sure I was able to choose.

Right now no channel is displayed in the settings and the language dropdown is frozen/disabled.

Catherine, awaiting your reply.

Is it possible for one project to support multiple languages? I have my full content logic created in an English proj, but I want to apply the same logic to other languages. What’s the easiest way? I don’t see a way to copy-paste or import logic from one project to another

Hi Neil,

If you’d like to select a channel you would select ‘Launch & Host’

And then you can select your language via channel selection. Upon creation, one project can’t technically select multiple languages, but what you can do is leverage a feature called ‘Domains’ - you create a version of your project and merge them into a Domain (slightly advanced feature, but once you have created multiple locales/languages of your project you can follow-up here and I can post a quick tutorial). This is intended functionality!

Thanks @tahsim ! This helps. Few followup questions:

  1. Can you confirm that in order to support multiple languages I have to MANUALLY re-create my project with each language selected? There’s no way to import logic from another already created project? I can duplicate but that doesn’t allow me to change the language. I ask bc my project is complex and will be tedious to manually rebuild in each language
  2. By selecting a different language, what functionality is available in that language? Do I need to translate all of the project text myself from English or will VF perform that translation based on the language? Is the NLU trained on the local language, etc.? What functionality in VF is language-specific?
  3. I created my original project using the “Design and Handoff” option. Is that going to create an issue with multi-language support? What are the differences between this and “Launch and Host”? Can I convert my already created project from “Design…” to “Launch…” with the web chat channel? That’s the one I should have chosen originally (was new to VF so didn’t understand fully)

Looking forward to understanding how domains work, once you respond I’ll set up my projects and let you know once they’re ready

Hi @tahsim, @Catherinemaddock , any thoughts on my questions? I’m waiting to hear from you before I spend the time to manually re-create my entire flow.

@tahsim @Catherinemaddock I’m still unclear on how language selection on a project impacts the functionality. If I create a web chat project in Japanese, can you confirm I have to manually translate my prompts and provide in Japanese script? Also, built-in intents/NLUs would not work as they are only in English, correct?

Thank you for any guidance