Why are my Display visuals not showing?

Several months ago I created a voice-only Alexa skill that is working well. I recently added visuals and published the updated skill, but the visuals are not displaying on my Alexa Show 5 or my Alexa for PC app. Can anyone share reasons why this might be happening? The skill is titled “Anglican Rosary.”

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Hey John, are the visuals showing up in your Alexa Developer Console?

Only one of the visuals appears in the Developer Console.

Alexa can response only 1 Display response between user interactions. That means this does not work.

This results in:

  • all speak blocks is converted into 1 single response like “This is the first one. This is the second one. This is the third one”
  • 1 Display response between user interactions means subsequent display block override previous one. It results that only the last one is displayed.

if you want to response with multiple displays in a single response, you need to use APL Pager. APL Pager works like slideshow.

There’s a demo for APL Pager in market place.

However, this demo only change multiple display responses and does not speak for each display. sorry I don’t know much about APL and I don’t have any further infos.

@Nicolas is there any good examples for APL Pager with speakItems? :eyes:

APL Ninja is a good place for that: https://apl.ninja/