Word app google sheets integration

Hi! Thanks for reading and the willing to answer!

I’m new to this and I’ve watched so many tutorials but I don’t even know how to find the answer for my question.

Here’s the thing: I’m building this Skill that teaches 1 new English word every day for people who are studying the language.

I created a sheet on Google with the columns “Word” - “definition” - “Definition2” “Example in a sentence”

When someone says “What’s the word for today?” (or sth like that) the skill should give that specific word with that specific meaning.

I don’t know how to give one word and the specific definition for that particular word on “With settings” “mapping output” day-by-day.

For example: Today it should give me the word, definition and example on Row 2
Tomorrow the word, definition and example on row 3 and so on…

Here’s an image of what I’ve done so far…