Would someone in the US mind testing my certified Alexa skill for me?

I’ve published a skill to the Alexa Skill Store, but can’t access it. I’m hoping someone in the US is willing to try accessing it as not sure if the issue is because I’m in the UK.

Other steps I’ve tried:

I’ve tried re-publishing it under a different name, still can’t access it. (wasn’t sure if the invocation name was causing issues)

I’ve created a US Amazon account, and set my Alexa app (on Android) to link to the US account, still to no avail (could it be an issue with the Alexa app? I don’t have an Alexa device).

The invocations would be:

“Alexa, open The Wonderful Wedmore”


“Alexa, open Mind Your Business”

*they are identical skills

Any help would be immensely appreciated!

Thank you.

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Do you still need help testing this?