Youtube Audio Streamer NOT WORK for me!

I tried both test on voiceflow and uploading to Alexa. None works!

Anybody has luck ?

Hi @hiheaven01! Can you give more details on your issue? Are you testing it on a device (no streaming preview in ADC simulator)? Are you using it with Youtube videos without restrictions or ads?

hi, thanks for reply.

I just copied straight from the URL link, and test on VF. The code seems to work ok because
it could get the title of the youtube video ok, but stream is not ok. I checked the video, it does not
contain ad and seems no restriction. I am sorry, i am new to VF, what is ADC ?

I even uploaded to amazon, same issue there, no stream.of video.


Hi again, did you tried it on a device? ADC or Alexa Developer Console ( can’t emulate stream playback, that’s why you need to test it on a real device (or you Alexa app).

yes, i tried on device. Like you said. It works ok.
it streams ok as audio from a youtube video. But not ok when youtube source is a live video.
i think Amazon restricts live from youtube directly but only allows live stream through bluetooth