YouTube RSS with converter

Hello Voiceflow team. I have managed to convert a YouTube RSS Feed with the rss2json website, I can call the name and author of the YouTube video, but can’t seem to have the link play.

I have combined the YouTube audio/video streamer from the marketplace with the RSS Feed tutorial (An old one you guys did) and get stuck with the YouTube Converter.

If successful, I would have the skill say the YouTube video title gained from the JSON, then use the YouTube converter to start the YouTube audio or video. Then when streaming the user can say next and have the loop update the current video.

So far, it only plays audio when I use the YouTube converter by itself and I think it may have to do with how I stored the response from the GET request.

Here is a link to the project, I would love to know if you guys would have any suggestions on successfully combining the two. I have gotten the RSS Feed to work and on a separate project, I have gotten the YouTube link to be successfully converted and play, but I just seem to be messing something up putting them together.


Here are images of the project too, I get stopped at the YouTube converter portion

The title and author plays from the RSS2Feed convert portion, I know the YouTube URL won’t play so I used the converter to take the link and have it converted. I have tried using a variable and just a YouTube link as a value, neither work in this project.

In a separate project with just the YouTube converter portion, the link works to the video. Super lost, but I need to try and figure out a way to configure this