Zapier - Variables

I am trying to update Spreadsheet using Voiceflow-Zapier.
The integration works fine, but Zapier is picking up only hard coded values from the Google sheet. Example Country=Albania.

How do I use {country} as a variable in the Zap. Example in Voiceflow we use curly brackets {country} for variables.

  1. Can you please tell me, whether Zapier takes voiceflow variables directly into the Zap settings. And what is the syntax in Zapier for calling a Voiceflow variable. Curly brackets don’t seem to work. example: {country}

  2. As a workaround, I am using “voiceflow zapier message” as the variable, which is a pretty cool workaround, But would like to know if there is a way to declare voiceflow variables in Zapier and the syntax

Screenshot attached…

Thank You.


Did you manage to figure this out? I have a similar thing except none of the variables (e.g. Country like you have in the screenshot) are feeding through to Zapier even though I’m entering examples for the fields before running the integration.



Same problem here.
Hope somebody finds a solution.